The Clinic

The Skincare Ritualist clinic is a privately-owned boutique clinic located in Albany Village and surrounded by the beautiful greenery of the Kell Park reserve. We offer free parking right at the entrance, and flexible appointment hours including some late evenings and weekends.

We offer a holistically-minded approach, with a scientific outlook on skincare and overall well being. Skin problems are rarely "just bad skin", and we work with you to discover and resolve the root cause (as well as give you the best skin of your life, of course). We apply an evidence-based approach to all treatments, and choose to work only with state-of-the-art medical technology, scientifically proven active ingredients, and pure organic formulas.

Who is the Ritualist?

A graduate of the Elite International College of Beauty and Spa Therapies, Member of the New Zealand Registered Beauty Therapists Association, Registered Member of the New Zealand Nursing Organisation, Gold Standard Dermapen-4 Treatment provider, and New Zealand Highly Commended Therapist by DermapenWorld.

I believe that true beauty lies in uniqueness, and I am here to bring out the best in your skin health and appearance, boosting your confidence and wellbeing! I feel extremely rewarded when I know that I have made a positive change in my clients' lives.

I regularly attend NZ academic healthcare and skincare events, as well as continuously up-skill and undergo training to keep up to date with the best practices of the skincare industry. In addition to running The Ritualist skincare clinic, I am currently pursuing a university study in biomedical and health sciences.