Dermapen4 Million Makeover™ Advanced Needling

We use original Dermapen© technology - the world’s most advanced, effective and safest skin needling and meso-infusion system made in Australia.

What is the DP Gold Standard®?

Our clinic was acknowledged by DermapenWorld as the Gold Standard Authorised Treatment Provider for the strict adherence to the high standards of DermapenWorld® Protocols and Anti Contamination Management System™.

This means: guaranteed safety, comfortable treatments, minimal downtime and superior skincare results.

How does it work?

Dermapen-4® treatments naturally work from within allowing natural wound-healing responses created by the microneedling treatment that kickstarts the production of collagen and elastin fibers, therefore is a safe, natural alternative to fight the aging process and other skin imperfections (acne, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, acne scarring).

With a revolutionary oscillation speed and 3200 microfractions per second, we can do the full face Million Makeover™ in as little as 4 minutes.

Dermapen-4® therapy results are among the most successful outcomes for non-surgical interventions in treating scarring and aging, the results are similar to fractional laser but without the side effects and downtime. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and colours.

Treatment details

The whole treatment takes up to 60 minutes because we adhere to the Gold Standard® protocol and apply all the non-negotiable steps to achieve the best corrective results.

All materials used within a session are sterile, disposable, single use and opened in sight of the client. We strictly adhere to the Anti Contamination Management System designed by DermapenWorld©.

Take advantage of our amazing Special Offer

Dermapen-4® Million Makeover™ for full face, neck and decollete treatment
$249 (value of $449)

Includes a customised DP Dermaceuticals meso-infusion serum, HYLA-mask, Vitamin Rich Repair and Cover Recover foundation and SPF 35+.

* Treatment of other areas is POA.

Is the treatment painful?

Dermapen-4® is the only available dermal needling technology that requires no numbing (the treatments are fast and generally comfortable). The application of a numbing cream has been proven to make needling treatments less effective due to inhibiting the skin’s natural wound-healing responses.

Can I have treatments during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Dermapen-4® treatments are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding because the therapeutic effect is based on stimulation of the body’s natural restoration mechanisms and because no prior Lidocaine numbing is required (Lidocaine anesthetic is contraindicated during pregnancy).