Deep cleanse and vitamin infusion - Sonophoresis MD

This is a gentle and safe alternative to microdermabrasion.

We don’t use microdermabrasion due to its high risk to skin and superficial blood vessel damage, barrier function impairment, dehydration, irritation and aggravation of telangiectasia (visible superficial blood vessels).

Instead, we use focused ultrasound waves to achieve visible results on skin texture. Unclog pores, remove debris and dead skin cells without compromising skin barrier function, achieving soft, smooth, and silky texture. The treatment is painless and very comfortable. It is performed with a metal spatula that passes ultrasound waves onto the surface of the skin. Prickling and a pleasant mild vibration is experienced during the treatment. This treatment is performed along with a signature detox facial massage, mild fruit enzyme application and alginate setting rubber mask.

Deep Cleansing Ritual - 40 minutes | $79 SPECIAL OFFER

Signature detox massage over O Cosmedics Fruit Enzyme and Peptide Mask, Ultrasound cleanse, Custom serum, Alginate rubber self-setting mask, treatment hydrator by O Cosmedics and SPF 30+ Mineral Pro.

Add-on of an Ultrasound deep cleansing therapy to any Pro Dermal Planning Facial - $29.